What is your fee structure and billing process?

Fees are either charged on a fixed fee basis (for example in property transactions, the preparation of wills or LPAs) or on a time spent basis (for example in litigation or family matters). Generally speaking when fees are charged on a fixed fee basis the client is billed at the end of the matter, however when fees are being incurred on a time spent basis, then interim fee notes are usually sent out monthly so that the client always has up to date knowledge of the level of fees they have incurred.

Furthermore such interim fee notes are accompanied by a billing guide which sets out exactly what work has been done by whom and on which date, together with an itemised cost for every entry so that there is complete transparency and the client can understand at a glance how the fees have been incurred.


What is B&S's philosophy when representing a case? [You present a case or represent a client]

We always look to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. People will often embark on a course of action saying "it's the principle that counts", however principles can be unforgiving creatures and very expensive without actually delivering a result that is welcome. We look to provide holistic, pragmatic advice that focuses on producing the best solution possible given all the circumstances of the case.

Would B&S be able to help with cases outside of Jersey?

We are a firm of Jersey advocates and solicitors so we can only advise on matters of Jersey law. However some cases have an international element (eg a foreign estate or a foreign divorce with assets situate in Jersey) or parallel proceedings in another jurisdiction (eg a children case in Jersey with Hague Convention Proceedings in another country) and accordingly we are asked to provide advice and representation for the Jersey aspects of those sorts of cases, or provide expert assistance in those foreign proceedings in relation to any relevant aspects of Jersey law.

What makes B&S truly unique?

Our focus is on servicing the needs of the local community in Jersey. The vast majority of our clients are Jersey people and/or local businesses. Both partners are from long established Jersey families with a history in the legal profession. We know and understand our Island and its people and whilst respecting our heritage and traditions, we deliver a modern legal service.

Do clients need to come into your office and meet you in person to receive legal services?

It is often preferable to meet clients face to face to take instructions and provide advice. Where a client has difficulty in coming into the office we will happily attend upon them at home or at another convenient location. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we have had to embrace different ways of meeting with clients including via various video conferencing platforms.

What can clients expect once they have chosen you to represent them?

All clients are treated with courtesy and respect irrespective of their situation in life. All client matters are attended to diligently and as efficiently as possible. We strive to do the best we possibly can for each and every client. Integrity is our watchword, and it underpins everything we do.

What is expected of clients when B&S starts representing them?

We can only act on instructions and provide advice in relation to the information we receive. Timely and effective communication from clients is often key to a successful working relationship moving forward.