darry robinson


Advocate Darry Robinson is a litigator with broad experience. He joined Benest & Syvret in July 2018, having previously worked within the Attorney General’s Office.

Darry is a leading advocate with a practice that encompasses many aspects of public and private law cases and civil litigation arising out of family law, human rights, local authority duties, and negligence. Darry’s civil practice encompasses high value claims in tort, including group claims. He is particularly well known for bringing civil claims against the Government of Jersey on behalf of victims whose human rights have been contravened and for bringing high value claims against the Government of Jersey for individuals who have suffered severe physical and psychological injury.

Darry is known for his confident manner in court, highly persuasive style of advocacy and excellent client care. He is an expert in administrative proceedings, judicial review and human rights.

Darry succeeded for the plaintiffs in the landmark human rights Royal Court decision of F, H, Y, W, T, S [2021] JRC280, which examined the principle of real and effective consent for the purposes of Art 17 of the Children (Jersey) Law 2002 and the lawful authority to accommodate children as a consequence of instigating police protection measures under Art 41 of the Children (Jersey) Law 2002 and proportionate and necessary responses of social services and the police to avoid subverting the statutory regime.

In the Royal Court case J -v- Chief Minister [2020] JRC215, Darry, acting on behalf of the appellant, successfully sought the dismissal of conditions imposed by the Chief Minister pursuant to Article 41 of the Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 preventing J’s family from accessing the Affordable Housing Gateway in Jersey and failing to recognise the needs of the children.

Darry advanced proceeding to the Court of Appeal concerning a child who had been unlawfully placed in a UK residential unit. There was an important legal issue that required resolution by the Court of Appeal and which related to all Jersey children placed in UK residential units under Jersey care orders.  Rather than proceeding to appeal the Government of Jersey lodged the Children (Arrangements to Assist Children to Live Outside Jersey) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 2022 which was adopted by the States Assembly on 2 March 2022 to amend the Children Law and to enable the Court to approve arrangements for a child that is to live outside Jersey in suitable residential accommodation.

Darry is an accredited member of the Jersey Children’s Panel and is able to work for both children and parents.


Outside of work Darry likes spending time with his family and rowing. He has on a number of occasions competed as part of a team in the demanding Sark to Jersey rowing race.