Philip Syvret

Philip Syvret

Over the last 10 years Philip has concentrated on the Jersey property market and advises a number of local property development firms. He is a leading property lawyer and has been lead advisor for some of the islands largest residential developments. His experience in preliminary purchase agreements, land options, Planning appeals and conveyancing work is regularly called upon by clients. Philip was instrumental in the implementation of the first Planning Obligation Agreement registered in the Island. Philip’s team work efficiently and effectively to manage the client experience from beginning to end.

Philip appeared as Solicitor Advocate in the Matter of Walton Degrevement [2015] JRC 003 in which the Royal Court determined that land held by a tenant in common could be subject to the foreclosure process known as degrevement.

Philip also heads up the team administering delegates under the Capacity and Self Determination (Jersey) Law 2016. He was convened to a working party on the implementation of the new law. He also gave expert evidence in respect of delegate matters to the Royal Court in the case of The X Children v Minister for Health [2018] JRC 226, the largest negligence claim by value in British legal history.

Philip obtains Grants of Probate for both residents and non-jersey residents. He has lectured on Jersey Succession and Probate Law for local training firms.

Philip was formerly head of Jersey Solicitors Association (the Chambre d’Ecrivains) and a member of the Jersey Consumer Council. He presently sits as a member of the Law Society Conveyancing Sub-committee and has been appointed by the Chief Minister to the working party on Conveyancing Reform.

In his spare time Philip has a love of all things automotive including classic cars and motorsport, as well as his beloved Tottenham Hotspur.